The St. Martin Foundation receives a certain portion of its funding from its sponsor, but in order for it to continue to carry out its charity work it also relies on donations

The St. Martin Foundation wishes to thank the many loyal donors who support its projects and commitments.


A challenge and an opportunity for the future

The construction of a drinking water well costs around 15’000 Swiss francs. Every donation helps the “Water is Life” project construct new wells and maintain the existing ones.

The fact that the administrative and management costs are borne by Alfred Müller AG in Switzerland means that every donated Swiss franc flows undiminished into the project.


Tax exemption

Donations to the St. Martin Foundation are tax deductible in most cantons.

Every donation helps

The St. Martin Foundation is an independent Swiss aid organisation that secures the financing of drinking water projects. In order to continue the activities of the “Water is Life” project in Cameroon, it relies on donations from companies, organisations and private individuals.


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