Our first year in Cameroon

After their first year as administrative managers (DAF), we asked Marisa Halter and Michaël Golay about their impressions. In the picture you can see them together with the technical director couple Balz Koller and Angelina Schaffner.

What have been your most impressive experiences so far?

We take our hats off to the optimism of the Cameroonian people, who face the daily challenges with their motto “ça va aller”. The way they deal with their life situation, their warmth and hospitality and the way they celebrate festivals impress us enormously.

We are also very grateful that we are surrounded by this unique nature in Otélé. That is simply wonderful.

Unfortunately, we also experience sad strokes of fate such as accidents and illnesses, which are often the result of a lack of infrastructure, which we deeply regret.

What are your most important goals for the FSMO in Otélé?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the project can function as independently as possible. That is why we want to promote the independence of our employees. We check what resources are available in the team and what responsibilities people can take on in their role. We then try to support them in their skills and gradually hand over responsibility to them. It is very important to stay in constant communication, build trust and listen.

Another aim is to spread the work and good reputation of the FSMO. The FSMO enjoys a great reputation in Cameroon and is known far and wide. It makes a significant contribution to the positive development of the region and to improving the living conditions of the population.

Were there any challenges that you didn’t expect?

The administrative complexity is unique and also represents the biggest unexpected challenge for us.


How can we imagine the collaboration between DAF and DT?

As in any co-leadership, we have many points of contact. It is essential that we work as a team in a spirit of trust and are in constant communication.


Interview: 20.03.2024 with Marisa Halter and Michaël Golay