The founder

Alfred Müller was born in Baar in 1938 as the eldest of four children. After completing his apprenticeship as a mason, at the age of 27 he founded Alfred Müller AG in 1965 and went on to construct numerous buildings throughout the country for third parties at his own risk.

Today, Alfred Müller AG is one of the leading providers of real estate services in Switzerland. The second generation has been at the helm of the family-owned company since 2012.

Alfred Müller-Stocker established the St. Martin Foundation in 1992 as a sign of international solidarity. The Foundation, which was endowed with 2.5 million Swiss francs, focuses on the financing of aid projects. Alfred Müller AG covers the personnel costs for the administration and management of the St. Martin Foundation, and this means that every donated Swiss franc is spent on aid activities.

Purpose and objectives

The St. Martin Foundation focuses on the financing and implementation of the «Water is Life» drinking water project in Otélé, Cameroon. It may carry out charitable activities throughout the world and is currently supporting other selected solidarity projects. It also provides aid to people in a variety of developing countries, where it primarily focuses on the supply of drinking water.

Board of trustees

The Board of Trustees comprises at least three members. As the highest executive body of the St. Martin Foundation it is responsible for its strategic orientation and management.
Alfred Müller

Founder / Member of the foundation board

Michael Mueller

President / Head

Hans Mathias Käppeli

Member of the foundation board

Dr. Gerhard Pfister

Member of the foundation board

Urs Mühlethaler

Member of the foundation board

Foundation management

The foundation management is responsible for the operational management of the St. Martin Foundation.
Michael Mueller

President / Head

Daniela Mettler

Managing Director

Brigitte Pollini



Ernst & Young AG, Zug

External supervision

As a conventional non-profit organisation, the St. Martin Foundation is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs.